Delivery of a deep sea barge in Tahiti

18 avril 2021|Alwena Shipping news|

Alwena Shipping has been entrusted by TMP, Tahiti, with the design, construction and shipment of a 1000mt deadweight deep sea barge. The project started during summer 2020 with the design of the barge, the selection of a shipyard in China to build the barge which was completed in March 2021. Transportation contract has been awarded to Martin Bencher. She was

Bunkerspot annual survey is on line !

23 février 2021|News thread|

Here is the link to Bunkerspot annual survey.Decarbonisation is the word, evenso not enough was yet done in this respect.There are solutions, wind assistance propulsion is one of them !

What about wind propulsion ?

23 février 2021|News thread|

Interesting article about this wind assisted propulsion industry. Enjoy reading it !

GTT granted AIP by BV for ammonia ready membrane

17 février 2021|News thread|

Congratulations to GTT for this development, it opens the door to future technologies ! Additionally, increasing the allowable pressure in the tank will offer more flexibility for operations.